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Begin your journey to better health.

Begin your journey to better health.

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Tuina Asian Bodywork Stepping Stone Wellesley

Tuina/Meridian Bodywork

Tuina (or Tui Na) is a form of therapeutic massage originating in China. It is part of the same medicine that incorporates Acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Meridian Bodywork refers to Asian massage styles based on acupuncture points and pathways.

This hands on approach is another way of stimulating points in the body to influence balanced energy and blood flow in the body.

These techniques can be useful therapeutic treatments for acute and chronic pain, musculoskeletal issues, sports injuries, as well as anxiety and chronic stress.

These treatments are generally for 30 minutes and not intended to be whole-body treatments, but rather specifically focused on a particular problem area.

If you are already an acupuncture patient at Stepping Stone, you do not need to book an Initial Tuina appointment to take advantage of this service - just book a follow-up appointment. New patients who have not been seen for acupuncture or Tuina at our office before should book an Initial Tuina appointment, which includes a comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine evaluation of symptoms.

Please contact us for scheduling and pricing.