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Stepping Stone Acupuncture & Wellness

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We offer a number of telehealth services through our secure HIPAA-compliant patient portal. Now you have access to some of our amazing practitioners right from the comfort of your home! 

These sessions are best booked by emailing the treating practitioner directly.

virtual acupuncturist telehealth consultations wellesley

Virtual Acupuncturist Consultations

These 30-minute sessions focus on a mix of acupressure, herbal recommendations, and lifestyle advice, depending on what you are experiencing. We are able to bill to most insurance plans for these sessions. The time of service rate is $50. Email Marcie, Xi, or Karl to schedule.

Virtual Health Coaching Sessions

The same great advice and one-on-one attention, now available from the comfort of your home! Health coaching focuses on identifying and implementing dietary and lifestyle changes to obtain a better state of health. These sessions cost $115. To schedule one of these 50-minute sessions, email Carmela.

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tune up fitness massage ball instruction gua sha telehealth massage

Telehealth Self-Massage Techniques

In these 30-minute one-on-one sessions, Erica will teach you how to use simple at home massage techniques to loosen sore muscles, relieve pain, and improve function. She will come up with a plan particular to you and your body - this may include stretching and manual therapy techniques, or may employ the use of some of Erica's favorite massage tools. If she recommends particular tools (gua sha tools, massage balls, etc), she will assist you in obtaining those before your session. The cost of these sessions is $50. Email Erica to schedule.

Virtual Physical Therapy

Not comfortable coming in to the office for treatment yet? Leslee is available for physical therapy telehealth sessions! An amazing amount of work can be done via instruction in posture, exercise, stretching, and soft tissue work at home. Email Leslee to schedule.

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Online Acupressure Instruction

These short 15-minute sessions with one of our acupuncturists focus on teaching you how to find 5 acupressure points for a particular condition. We can bill most insurance companies for these sessions. The time of service rate is $25. Email Marcie, Karl, or Xi to schedule.

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Virtual Herbal Consultations

These 30-minute sessions with one of our Chinese herbalists include a comprehensive intake and prescription of Chinese herbs. Custom formulas are mailed to you directly from the pharmacy. Ready-made formulas can be drop-shipped from our suppliers or curbside pickup is available. Email Marcie or Xi to schedule.

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30-minute Abdominal Therapy Follow-Ups

If you have previously been seen at our office for Abdominal Therapy, you can now schedule a virtual check-in and follow-up with one of our therapists! Please email Erica to schedule.

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