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Begin your journey to better health.

Begin your journey to better health.

Begin Your Transformation Today

Meditation relaxation calming Wellesley instruction


Meditation is many things to many people. From a health perspective, meditation can lower heart rate and blood pressure, increase mental clarity and wellbeing, help to manage stress or anxiety, and provide a way to promote self-awareness and health-consciousness decisions. When we provide ourselves with a small window each day for calming and mindful breathing, we are better able to have a fulfilling and productive day.

In this 60 minute session, you will learn the physical and mental aspects of beginning meditation, and also how to incorporate a meditative practice into a busy lifestyle. Techniques for posture, breathing and mental training will provide the building blocks for seated, standing and walking meditation. From these, a discussion of each person’s lifestyle can help to differentiate the best way to bring a meditative practice into one’s life. Setting up time, space and habits are emphasized as a means to instill the accumulative effects of sustained meditative practice.

60-minute private meditation session: $75

60-minute semi-private meditation session (2 people): $95

60-minute small group session (3 people): $115

60-minute small group/family session (4 people): $125

Based on the nature of this service, please contact Karl at [email protected]  for scheduling.